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Kristen Bell Had Her Baby


KRISTEN BELL and DAX SHEPARD are parents.  Kristen gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.  They named her Lincoln Bell Shepard.

Despite giving birth, Kristen was feeling spry enough to crack jokes on Twitter.

She said, "My new roommate poops her pants and doesn't pay rent . . . basically Dax pre-sobriety."

And Dax said, "She has mom's beauty and dad's obsession with breasts.  Hooray!!!"

The day before giving birth, Kristen posted a picture of her dog resting on her pregnant belly, with the caption, "Eavesdropping".  Check it out here.  (Whosay)



We wonder if Kristen was as excited to meet her baby as she is whenever a SLOTH is near?  Or if she'll pass her love of sloths to Lincoln.