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And Now, The Stars Are Tweeting About the Prop 8 Battle


Celebrities are quite certain that you want to hear what they think about the same-sex marriage case the Supreme Court is deciding.  So here's what some of them have been Tweeting . . .

Kristen Bell
:  "Today, the Supreme Court is hearing one of the most important cases in history.  Don't sleep on it.  Equality matters."

Alyssa Milano
:  "Changed my profile picture and header in support of marriage equality.  Feel free to do the same!"

Evan Rachel Wood:  "Separation of church and state.  Period.  Marriage Equality."

Seth MacFarlane
:  "Supreme Court, stop acting like cowards.  Now IS the time for a broad ruling to make the leap into the 20th century.  Sincerely, the 21st."

Ricky Martin
:  "Supreme Court SCOTUS.  Prop 8.  United for marriage.  Time for marriage.  Love conquers hate.  One dad and one mom is OK.  Two dads is OK.  Two moms is OK."

Chelsea Clinton
:  "Eagerly awaiting news from today's Supreme Court hearing on #Prop8.  #UnitedForMarriage."

Russell Simmons
:  "I hope that the Supreme Court stands on the right-side of history today by acknowledging marriage equality for all."

Jose Canseco
:  "Ungay and gay how are they not equal humans."