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The USA Network's "Psych" Is Doing a Tribute to "Clue", Where Viewers Will Vote on the Ending During the Show


The 100th episode of the USA Network's "Psych" is airing on March 27th, and the show is celebrating with a "Clue"-themed episode, where the viewers will vote on one of three possible endings AS they're watching it.  The East and West Coast broadcasts will be voted on separately, so it's very possible that they'll have different outcomes.   That's like the movie, which had three endings, depending on which theater you went to.  Viewers will be able to vote on the show's website, and by utilizing specific hashtags on Twitter.

The episode is about a mysterious party at a rock star's house.  A murder is committed, and there are five suspects:  The Butler, the Groupie, the Manager, the Author and the Host.   Also, three actors from "Clue" are also guest-starring on the episode:  CHRISTOPHER LLOYD (Professor Plum), LESLEY ANN WARREN (Miss Scarlet) and MARTIN MULL (Colonel Mustard).

As if that isn't enough, TEARS FOR FEARS bassist CURT SMITH is also guest-starring.   (He sang lead vocals on "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and the original version of "Mad World".)

Perhaps they'll also reference "Clue's" GREAT closing line.  It was, quote, "[Now,] I'm going to go home and sleep with my wife!"  Here's that clip.