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Blake Shelton Thinks Valentine's Day Sucks, Because It's Not a Guy's Holiday


Every so often BLAKE SHELTON says stupid stuff just to get people talking.  This is one of those times.  He's in the current issue of "People", giving his brilliant take on Valentine's Day.

Blake said, "I'm one of those guys that's like, 'Oh [crap].  It's Valentine's Day.  I better get flowers or something.'"  He added,  "It's not a guy's holiday, so they suck to me."

This actually brings up the question:  What IS a guy's holiday?  Super Bowl doesn't count because it's not a holiday . . . yet.  How about the 4th of July?  You can't go wrong with fireworks and beer.  Memorial Day is good with the Indy 500, and beer.  And then there's Labor Day with barbecue and beer.