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Is the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue Racist?


This year's "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue features models posing on all seven continents, which explains why they carted KATE UPTON all the way to Antarctica.  But while Kate posed with penguins, some of the photo shoots included native HUMANS as "props".  And the website Jezebel.com thinks this is RACIST.  They singled out a few photos in particular.

Two of them are from China.  In one, model Jessica Gomes is posing with young girls in traditional Chinese outfits.  In another, a local man uses a pole to propel a raft, while Anne V. just sits there looking glamorous.

Even more problematic are photos shot in Namibia of white model Emily DiDonato with a primitive-looking African tribesman.

You can check out the pics here.  We also included one of a model with matadors in Spain, which really doesn't feel that racist, and a couple of Kate Upton as well.  (Jezebel)



You'll find photos and video for all of this year's swimsuit models here.