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Donald Trump is Suing Bill Maher for $5 Million Over a "Challenge" Maher Made That Was Obviously a Joke


Remember last year when DONALD TRUMP tried to make a mockery of the American political system, but only ended up making a mockery of HIMSELF?  First, he started dogging PRESIDENT OBAMA, demanding to see his birth certificate.  And even though Obama had no obligation to do so, he PRODUCED his birth certificate. 

Instead of going away, Trump questioned its authenticity, without offering any proof that it was inauthentic, of course.  And then he went even further.  He offered to give $5 million to a charity or charities of Obama's choice IF Obama would produce his college transcripts and passport application.  Wisely, Obama completely blew this one off. 

But BILL MAHER didn't.  Maher went on "The Tonight Show" and JOKINGLY offered to give $5 million to charities of TRUMP'S choice, if Trump could provide proof that he was not the result of his mother having sex with an orangutan.

(Here's video of Maher's "offer".)


Well, Trump found a way to make himself look like even MORE of a jerk than Maher made him look.  He released his birth certificate, then demanded his $5 million.  Maher didn't pay up, obviously, and so yesterday, Donald SUED HIM for it.  He says, "I don't know whether this case will be won or lost, but I felt a major obligation to bring it on behalf of [my] charities.  Bill Maher made an unconditional offer while on The Jay Leno Show and I, without hesitation, accepted his offer and provided him with the appropriate documentation."

You can read this frivolous lawsuit here.  Hey, California taxpayers, Donald Trump doesn't think you have anything better to do with your money than feed his ego.