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Beyonce's Halftime Show with Destiny's Child Was Popular on the Internet, And Joe Theismann *Loved* It


drew some criticism for her not-so-live gig at PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration, but at least for now, it seems like the Internet LOVED her Super Bowl halftime performance.

Beyoncé's set-list included "Love on Top", "Crazy in Love", "End of Time" and "Baby Boy".  And as expected, she reunited with former DESTINY'S CHILD members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

They performed "Bootylicious", "Independent Women" and a special version of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".  Beyoncé ended the show with "Halo".  (You can find video of the entire show on YouTube.)



For the record, it's hard to say for sure if Beyoncé did the whole show without a backing track, but last week she guaranteed it WOULD be live.  She said, "I'll absolutely be singing live.  I am well-rehearsed.  This is what I was born to do." 

One person who REALLY enjoyed the show was former NFL quarterback JOE THEISMANN.  At least, we think.  Just after her performance, he Tweeted, "Beyoncé [S-word] the house down."    He later deleted the Tweet, and clarified, "My bad meant shut down house."   OK, so it was just a misspelling, like just before that when he Tweeted, "Done is only half lit."  (Of course, he meant D-O-M-E.  It's possible that Joe was enjoying an adult beverage or two during the game.)

In other Twitter reactions, KOBE BRYANT wasn't shy about throwing out a superlative.  He Tweeted, "Phenomenal talent.  Respect.  Beyoncé:  The Greatest Female Entertainer of All Time."

KIM KARDASHIAN also thought it was, like, the greatest thing EVER.  She Tweeted, "OMG Beyoncé killed it!!!  And when Destiny's Child came out . . . that made my life!  #Bootylicious" 

And LARRY KING Tweeted, "Beyoncé's halftime performance was probably one of the best I've seen, and I've seen them all.  Lights out!"