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Lindsay Lohan's Judge Told Her, "I'm Glad You're Feeling Better"


LINDSAY LOHAN'S judge had some fun with her in court yesterday morning, telling her, "I'm glad to see you're feeling better."

That was a reference to the fact that Lindsay tried to skip the hearing, claiming she was sick in New York.  But she got BUSTED when TMZ posted pictures of her out shopping this past Saturday. 

Here's video.  You can tell the judge doesn't like Lindsay's new lawyer.  Even though his license plate says "IMTRYING".

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Lindsay allegedly LIED to police about her hit-and-run accident over the summer.  She's not only facing charges for that, but she's also still on probation for her necklace theft.  She was given a March 18th trial date.



Lindsay Lohan and Her Mom Got Turned Away at a Santa Monica Hotel

LINDSAY LOHAN and her mom DINA rushed to Los Angeles from New York on Tuesday, to get to Lindsay's court hearing yesterday morning.  She originally tried to bag on it, claiming she was SICK.  But then TMZ posted pictures of her out and about in New York, NOT looking sick.  They also said a WARRANT could be issued for Lindsay if she didn't show.

And she did show, but she had trouble finding a place to stay on Tuesday night.  Lindsay and her mom first went to a hotel called Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.  But they were turned away.  Apparently, Lindsay's been on their blacklist since she trashed one of their rooms five years ago.  (Check out a boring video here.)



Then they went to the Loews Hotel up the road, and were turned away there, but only because there were no rooms.  There's no word where they ended up.