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Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Wanted to Talk to Dr. Phil Because He's a "Medical Professional"


is the man who conned MANTI TE'O into thinking he was dating a girl named Lennay Kekua.  But apparently, DR. PHIL conned Ronaiah into thinking he was an actual, legit "medical professional."  Ronaiah's lawyer says Ronaiah chose to give his first interview to Dr. Phil because, "As a medical professional, Dr. Phil might be inclined to have better insight [than a regular reporter] into what he's going through . . . the particular condition." 

He adds, "[Ronaiah] feels as though he needs therapy, and part of that therapy is to tell the truth."  The lawyer says that Ronaiah wanted to come clean, even if it meant he could face legal problems for admitting that he faked his identity on the Internet.  He says,  "His point is that he wants to heal.  He knows that if he doesn't come out and tell the truth it'll interfere with him getting out of this place that he is in."  (The interview airs tomorrow and Friday.) 


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Dr. Phil Says Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Orchestrated the Hoax in Order to Have a Secret Romance with Manti Te'o

DR. PHIL'S interview with MANTI TE'O hoaxer RONAIAH TUIASOSOPO will air tomorrow and Friday, but in an interview on "Entertainment Tonight" that airs TONIGHT, the good doctor said Ronaiah did it for ROMANCE.

Dr. Phil says, "This was a deep, romantic connection that was two-way between Ronaiah and Manti, and between Manti and Ronaiah with the understanding that Manti did not know this was a man."