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Random Inauguration Insanity


PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration festivities went down yesterday.  Here's all the fun stuff that happened . . .


#1.)  PRESIDENT OBAMA somehow managed to mess up the Presidential Oath at the Inauguration AGAIN.  (Full Story)

For the second time in as many inaugurations, the president screwed up the oath of office. This time — unlike in 2009 — it wasn't even Chief Justice John Roberts' fault: Obama just stumbled over "the office of the President of the United States," settling for an embarrassed grin instead of finishing the sentence.



#2.)  SASHA OBAMA was caught yawning during her dad's Inaugural speech.  (Full Story)




#3.)  MALIA OBAMA inadvertently photobombed a shot of her parents kissing.  (--Here's the pic.)  (Us Weekly)



#4.)  Did MICHELLE OBAMA just give JOHN BOEHNER the brush-off or what?  (--Check out this video.)




#5.)  Former president BILLY CLINTON wasn't very inconspicuous when he checked out KELLY CLARKSON.  From behind, of course.  (Check out the pic.)  (The Superficial)



#6.)  AL ROKER got way too jazzed to get a handshake from VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN.  Did he keep his shorts clean?  (Here's video.)


#7.)  We now have video of rapper LUPE FIASCO being thrown off the stage during an inaugural event Sunday night for trashing the president.  (You'll find it here.)


#8.)  I'm not saying he's racist, but GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS mistook NBA legend BILL RUSSELL for fellow tall, old black guy MORGAN FREEMAN(--Here's video.)


#9.)  IAN SOMERHALDER from "The Vampire Diaries" had seats for the inauguration, but he LOST HIS TICKETS.  (Full Story)


#10.)  Here's video of BEYONCE singing the National Anthem




Here's KELLY CLARKSON singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee"




And JAMES TAYLOR sang "America the Beautiful".




#11.)  It's time to stop wondering why JAMES FRANCO does what he does, and just accept that he's going to do it.  James wrote a special "inauguration poem" called "Obama in Asheville".  (You can see him recite it here.)


#12.)  Check out this awesome map that identifies all the important people in the crowd behind Obama.  (Full Story)


#13.)  Like ARETHA FRANKLIN before her, KATY PERRY wore a giant hat to an Obama inauguration.  (Here's a pic.  And yes, she's holding that little bow up to it to remind us of Aretha's epic lid from four years ago.)  (People)



#14.)  At the inaugural ball, BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA danced to JENNIFER HUDSON singing AL GREEN'S "Let's Stay Together".  (Here's video.)