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Could Lindsay Lohan Get Eight Months in Prison?


will be arraigned this morning on charges that she lied to police about her car accident last June.  And sources say that when that happens, Lindsay's probation will be REVOKED.  Lindsay could be looking at 245 days, or EIGHT MONTHS behind bars.  The probation issue is totally up to the judge, but sources say prosecutors are, "out for blood", and they're recommending Lindsay get the book thrown at her.

Lindsay is accused of lying to police by saying her assistant was driving when the accident took place, when it was actually her.   She's charged with three crimes:  Providing false information to a police officer, resisting a police officer and reckless driving.

Lindsay will not be at today's hearing, which is in California, because she's currently living in New York.  She's not required to be there, and she probably wouldn't want to be anyway.  Because if she was, and her probation was revoked, she could be faced with the embarrassment of being cuffed and led away right there.

There was talk that Lindsay was going to follow THE WANTED to Europe, but she has reportedly canceled those plans.

(Despite all her problems, Lindsay's still hitting the clubs.  Here she is trying to hide her face while leaving a bar on Monday night.)