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26-Year-Old Vito Schnabel Says He's Not Dating Demi Moore, But They've Been Partying Together in Miami


VITO SCHNABEL was asked at an art event in Miami Wednesday night if there's "any truth to the rumors" that he's dating DEMI MOORE.  He said NO.  He was also asked if Demi was coming to Miami this weekend, and he said he had no idea.  (Here's video.)

He was probably lying, though, because Demi was ALREADY IN MIAMI.  And they even attended a party together that same night.  They weren't photographed together, but sources say they were acting like a couple, whatever that means.

Demi WAS photographed with both LENNY KRAVITZ and STACY KEIBLER at different points during the night.  (You can see the pics here.)  (Daily Mail