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Nick Lachey Says He Didn't Shove a Chargers Fan or Cuss At His Wife


NICK LACHEY was proud of getting booted from the Chargers / Bengals game on Sunday for talking trash to San Diego fans.  But now he's being accused of doing a lot more than talking. 

According to TMZ, Lachey and his friends had kind of zeroed in on one fan and his wife.  But when Lachey said something particularly nasty, the guy's wife made a derogatory crack about Lachey's, "boy band", 98 DEGREES.  Nick freaked out, calling the woman . . . well, let's just say, a FREAKIN' WITCH.   Then he grabbed her husband by the throat and shoved him to the ground. 

But Lachey's rep says NONE of that happened.  And other witnesses say the trash talk was actually pretty friendly for much of the game.  And Lachey even posed for pictures with their kids.  (We saw one of those pics yesterday.) 

But later in the game, the guy, "lost control and wanted a fight."  He stood up and started jabbing his finger in Nick's face.  So even though he didn't start it, Nick allowed himself to be escorted out in order to avoid a scene.