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"Modern Family" Actress Ariel Winter Will Stay With Her Sister For Now


A custody hearing for 14-year-old "Modern Family" actress ARIEL WINTER was held yesterday, and everything will remain the same for now.  The judge ruled that Ariel will remain in the custody of her older sister Shanelle Gray until a trial on December 12th.

He said Child Services determined that Ariel WAS subjected to some verbal abuse by her mother Crystal Workman.  But their investigation into allegations of physical abuse was inconclusive.  Still, Child Services felt the situation was so severe that they recommended Crystal lose custody altogether.

Meanwhile, Ariel's brother JIMMY WORKMAN told reporters that he thought Ariel's FATHER should get custody.  And by the way, Jimmy played Pugsley Addams in the two "Addams Family" movies in the early '90s.  Here's video.