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A Source Says Lindsay Lohan's Probation Will Be Revoked


A so-called "source" says LINDSAY LOHAN'S probation WILL be revoked as soon as she's charged with lying to police.   (That COULD mean jail time, although no judge yet has thrown the book at Lindsay, despite NUMEROUS, perfectly reasonable opportunities to do so.)

Lindsay told police she WASN'T driving her rented Porsche when she slammed it into the back of a truck this past June.  Authorities in Santa Monica are supposedly going to charge her, but it hasn't happened yet.  The "source" claims that as soon as it does, the judge in L.A. will revoke the probation Lindsay is still on for stealing that necklace.

If, for some reason, you care about Michael Lohan, this is kind of funny.  He claims he didn't cheat on Dina when he fathered that 17-year-old girl he just found out is his daughter.  He's using the Ross Geller excuse from "Friends".  He says he and Dina were ON A BREAK when he nailed the chick's mom.