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Lindsay Lohan Claimed She Didn't Know About Her 17-Year-Old Half-Sister


After bagging on BARBARA WALTERS, LINDSAY LOHAN popped up Friday morning on ABC's "Good Morning America".  And while it was mostly a softball interview, journalist Amy Robach did bring up the paternity test that proved Lindsay's dad Michael has a 17-year-old love child.  And Lindsay pleaded IGNORANCE.  She said, "I didn't even hear that, so thanks for the news!"  (Here's video.  Skip ahead to 2:56 for the stuff about her family.)

Most of the interview is about "Liz & Dick".  And if you watch the interview from the beginning, you'll notice that Robach calls the movie fantastic" and says it's getting "rave reviews".  That's not really true.  If you Google "Liz & Dick reviews", you'll see they're pretty mixed, but mostly negative.  The "Hollywood Reporter" was particularly BRUTAL, ripping both the movie and Lindsay's performance.  (Here's that review.)

Meanwhile, Lindsay pops up in what could be R.E.M.'s final music video, "Blue".  JAMES FRANCO directed it.  Check it out here.