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"Modern Family's" Julie Bowen Hasn't Seen Evidence That Ariel Winter Was Abused


"Modern Family" 
actress JULIE BOWEN says she's never seen any evidence that her TV daughter ARIEL WINTER was being abused by her REAL mom.

She says, "Never have I seen [what's being reported].  That was never my experience [with Ariel and her mom].  I watch the news and that's all new to me."

When Julie was asked how Ariel's been doing since all this went down, she didn't seem to know much about that, either.  She said, "I mean, I don't know.  That's not what we experienced on set.  We are so closed off."


Have Ariel Winter and Her 18-Year-Old Boyfriend Been Broken Up for Months?

The home life of 14-year-old "Modern Family" actress ARIEL WINTER is still kind of a mystery.  She claims that her mom has been physically and emotionally abusive.  But Ariel's mom says Ariel is LYING about the abuse.  She's just mad because her mom tried to break up her relationship with 18-year-old actor Cameron Palatas.  And she claims she walked in on the two of them in bed on September 24th.

Anyway, what we're hearing now is that Ariel and Cameron actually broke up several months ago.  We don't have an exact date for the breakup, but it's still possible Ariel's mom isn't lying about finding them in a compromising position.  September 24th was seven weeks ago, which is less than two months.  But apparently, Cameron was mentioning Ariel on Twitter pretty regularly through late September, after which he pretty much stopped.  They'd celebrated four months as a couple on September 12th. 

Ariel's mom waited almost two weeks before filing a police report about the incident, but she stands by her allegation.

Meanwhile, Ariel was asked about her relationship with Cameron late last month at a Ronald McDonald House event.  And she said, "Um, I don't have one . . . Not at the moment.  We're just friends."  Meanwhile, a so-called "source" says that Ariel claims she's NEVER been intimate with Cameron, and her mother made all of this up.

(Ariel is currently in the custody of her older sister, who was removed from the home years ago after claiming their mother abused HER.  Maybe some of this will get sorted out at a hearing one week from today.)