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Did Cee Lo Drug a Woman and Then Have Sex With Her?


We've learned a little more about the sexual assault allegation against CEE LO.  An unidentified woman is claiming that Cee Lo brought her to an L.A. restaurant in July, where he DRUGGED her.  The next thing she remembers is lying in a bed NAKED, with Cee Lo in the room. 

Sources say the woman went to police almost immediately, and they had her call Cee Lo to talk about the incident while they listened in.  During that call, Cee Lo never specifically admitted to secretly spiking her drink.  But he made several references to MDMA, which is ECSTASY, and said he thought it would help them "have an exciting time together."

Police interviewed employees at the restaurant in question last week.  No charges have been filed yet.  Meanwhile, Cee Lo's people say the woman DIDN'T go to the cops right away.  They claim she went to a LAWYER first, who went to Cee Lo looking for a payday.  It was only after he shot her down that she filed a police report.