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Did Donald Trump Fill Up "Celebrity Apprentice" Vehicles, While Everyone Else is Having Trouble Getting Gas?


It's good to know that some people can still fill their tanks despite the insane gas shortage in the New York / New Jersey area.  An employee working for "Celebrity Apprentice" sent an anonymous tip to a gossip website claiming that DONALD TRUMP made some kind of deal to get gas while all the regular people were being denied.

Supposedly, a fleet of 18 "Apprentice" vehicles went from New York City to a BP station in Yonkers at 10:45 P.M. Friday night to fill up.  Meanwhile, there was a sign up that said "No Gas", and other people who pulled in to get gas were being turned away.  The anonymous employees said that "special favors" were called in for this.

You can read the full story here, along with a rebuttal from another anonymous employee who DEFENDS what the show did.