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The House Rules of the "X Factor" Mansion Include "No Indecent Exposure" and "No Intermingling in the Bedrooms"


The 16 finalists on "X Factor" are living together in a house, actually, the same mansion where last year's "American Idol" finalists lived. 

Naturally, there are some ground rules for the house, and TMZ says they've obtained a list of them.  (It's unclear if the terminology is directly from the show, or if TMZ made some editorial liberty with how they're phrased.)

 The rules include:

  •  No indecent exposure.
  • No intermingling in the bedrooms.
  • Coasters must be used WITH ALL DRINKS.
  • No loud music.
  • No physical altercations of any kind.
  • No guests.
  • Be sensitive to others.
  • No drinking or drugs.
  • No diving into the pool. 
  • No use of fireplaces.
  • Make your own bed.