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Tom Cruise's Drunk Neighbor Was Tased for Climbing Over His Wall


A neighbor of TOM CRUISE got drunk and climbed over the wall around Tom's house, and got TASED for his efforts.  Here's what happened:

A 41-year-old Australian interior designer and reality TV star named Jason Sullivan has been staying at the home of Tom's manager, Kevin Huvane.  Huvane's house is adjacent to Tom's.

Sullivan went out Sunday night and got hammered.  When he was dropped off in the neighborhood early yesterday morning, he apparently mistook Tom's house for Kevin's.

He climbed the wall, where he was spotted by one of Tom's security guards, who told him to stop.  But instead, Sullivan kept walking toward Tom's house, so the guard tased him.  Twice.

Police were called and Sullivan was arrested for trespassing.  He was also treated for injuries he suffered during the tasing.

Tom does NOT want to pursue charges against Sullivan, because he realizes the guy made a mistake.  His lawyer says, "Tom's not a vindictive guy.  The guy was drunk.  He didn't have a malicious intent."