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Snooki Gave an Interview Yesterday, That Was Pretty Amusing


is usually pretty ridiculous in interviews, but yesterday's interview with "Access Hollywood" was a little over the top, even for her.  Snooki began by talking about her post-pregnancy boobs.  One of the hosts inadvertently set her up by saying, "She went from fist pumping to . . ."  And Snooki blurted out, "Breast pumping."  Snooki added, "I need to pump right now, my boobs are killing me." She went on, "When I hold them sometimes, [the milk] leaks out."

When one of the hosts asked why she thought people doubted her parenting skills, she said, "Because they're [A-holes]."  (She said the actual word, and it DID slip past the seven-second delay.)  But she admitted that she had her own doubts, swearing again in the process.  She said, "I was scared that I wasn't gonna have maternal instincts, 'cause I wasn't really good with kids before, so I'm like '[crap].'"   

To top it off, the interview was being done outside, and a pigeon flew down near where they were sitting.  Snooki freaked, and the hosts immediately jumped in, trying to stop her from swearing again.

Here's a video with the highlights, and here's the clip of Snooki dropping the S-word, which was edited out of the interview.   

Speaking of Snooki, remember a couple years ago when she "befriended" JOHN MCCAIN because he DIDN'T support taxing tanning beds?  Well, they're still cool.  Earlier this week, McCain had a message for Snooki.  He said, "I want to say to Snooki, I miss you.  I hope you're happy.  I hope everything's fine with your baby and I wish you'd get rid of some of those jerks you're hanging around with."

And now Snooki has responded.  She says, "I love you, John McCain.  And thank you for the shout-out and [my son] Lorenzo's doing awesome, and you should come over and bring him a present." 

Here's video of McCain talking about Snooki, and here's the clip of her response.  Note:  McCain's message to Snooki was edited out of his clip.

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