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Michael Lohan Showed Up at Lindsay's House to Stage an "Intervention"


LINDSAY LOHAN'S psycho dad MICHAEL showed up at her house on Friday with a few other people, supposedly to stage an "intervention".  They were met at the door by a guy who claimed to be Lindsay's boyfriend.  He refused to let Michael and his crew in.  Someone inside Lindsay's house even called the cops to come straighten things out.  Eventually everyone left.

Here's video of Michael showing up, and telling the paparazzi that Lindsay continues to surround herself with "a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts."


Now, we know what your first thought is:  Michael Lohan is just looking for publicity and a way to force his way back into Lindsay's life again.   But he claims that everyone from Lindsay's manager to her attorneys are in his corner.  And TMZ claims to have seen e-mails that prove it.  In one e-mail, Michael says that she's drinking, "between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day."  He also suggests she's snorting cocaine and using Adderall.

And Lindsay's manager says he's been hearing the same things.  Michael later told another website, "Her whole team has had it with her.  All of them want her to get treatment."

Sources close to Lindsay say she has NOT relapsed and doesn't need treatment.   She thinks her dad is doing this to her because she completely cut him off after he recorded the phone conversation they had when she and her mom DINA got into that fight in the back of a limo.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's other siblings are just as down on their dad as she is.  You can read what they have to say about him here.