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Tom Hanks Had a 'Bad Things Happen to Good People' Moment on "Good Morning America" on Friday


TOM HANKS inadvertently unleashed an F-BOMB during his appearance on "Good Morning America" on Friday.  Tom was showing off one of the accents he used in his new movie "Cloud Atlas" when he let an F-word slip.  He realized his mistake right away, and covered his mouth, but it was too late, the interview was LIVE.

Host ELIZABETH VARGAS said, "We are so sorry . . . good morning, America."

Tom also apologized, he said,  "I slipped into a brand of acting . . . I've never done that before.  I [want to] apologize to the kids in America that are watching this."  Elizabeth added, "We hope that they're all at school."

You can see the video at here  Of course, ABC did censor the later feeds.)



By the way, Tom made a few unannounced appearances on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.  During the first skit, a parody of the latest presidential debate, Tom played one of the "regular people" asking questions.  Here's video.  He pops up at the 8:25 mark.