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Britney Spears' Former Manager Says She Was Into Meth


former manager says Britney was into METH, and that she ended up under a psychiatric hold after overdosing on speed.  Sam Lutfi is suing Britney and her parents for libel, defamation and breach of contract.  The trial got underway yesterday, and Sam's attorney went right after Britney in his opening statement.

He said Britney was addicted to speed, a.k.a. amphetamines.  And she was particularly fond of meth.  Sam even found a baggie of it one time when he brought in a drug-sniffing dog to clean out Britney's home.  He added, "The dogs found hot spots of drug residue in the carpet and her children crawled on the carpets."

The attorney also said that Britney shaved her head during her 2007 meltdown because she was afraid it would be tested for drugs and she'd lose custody of her kids.

In related news, Britney just bought an $8.5 million mansion in Thousand Oaks, California.  You can check out some pictures of the place here.