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One of the "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Says She Hooked Up with Gerard Butler for a Week, But He Claims He Doesn't Know Her


If you spent an entire week hooking up with someone you'd remember them, right?  BRANDI GLANVILLE from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" claims she had a fling with GERARD BUTLER over the summer.  But Gerard says he doesn't know who she is.

Glanville made the claim on the Bravo talk show "Watch What Happens Live".  She said it wasn't a one-night stand but a, "week of fun."  She rated the experience an 11 out of 10.  (Here's video.)


The other day, the paparazzi caught up with Gerard Butler and asked him about it.  He said, "Who's Brandi Glanville?"  (Here's that video.)



But Brandi's sticking to her story, and she claims Butler lied because he didn't want anyone to know about it.   She says, "He called me last night and told me he said it.  He is upset because he is a private person.  I don't lie so I don't really care."  She added, "I don't lie.  So he can suck it!"

(Brandi is a model who USED TO be married to actor EDDIE CIBRIAN, until he famously dumped her for country singer LEANN RIMES.)