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Anderson Cooper Doesn't Want Beef with Star Jones, But He Does with Bristol Palin?


ANDERSON COOPER does NOT want beef with STAR JONES.  Last week, Anderson slammed Star on his show for claiming that his "coming out" was a RATINGS PLOY.



Star said this on the "Today" show back in July.

The Star situation comes up again on today's episode of "Anderson Live", but now Anderson says he's OVER IT.  He says, "Don't get me in a war with Star Jones now, I'm not one to have a feud.  I said my piece, and then she tweeted me, and I'm not responding."  (Star Tweeted, "I was wrong.  Anderson didn't come out as a ratings ploy.  He used ME talking about him coming out as a ratings ploy.  My bad.")

He adds, "Actually, the 'Today' show tried to book me to go on with Star Jones so we could tussle.  I was like, I've got nothing more to say, nor do I want to be in a room with her.  I'm done."

For what it's worth, Star has also denied that by Tweeting,  "Someone is a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.  I would NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agree to a 'debate' on my accurate statements . . . B.S."

(Here's the clip from today's "Anderson Live".)




Meanwhile, Anderson, who's "not one to have a feud", seemed to start something with BRISTOL PALIN on his show yesterday.  Anderson mocked Bristol's emotional "meltdown" on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night, with his guest DEBORAH NORVILLE.

In a Star Jones-esque way, he accused her of sensationalizing the meltdown for attention, and said, "Bristol Palin is a genius, because last night she developed a storyline that made her very sympathetic."  He also laughed at Bristol for playing with her cell phone during the "meltdown", and said she was too "completely frozen" to show emotion.  (Here's video.)


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Anderson later joked, "I'm thinking of starting a job fair for people.  I think there's a whole bunch of people who just need to get jobs:  Lindsay Lohan, Bristol Palin . . . I think they just need to get some jobs, stop being on TV!"