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Did La Toya Jackson Take Bags of Money From Michael's House After He Died?


Are you ready for even MORE Jackson Family Chaos?  We've got some, courtesy of a new book called "Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson" by a guy named Randall Sullivan.  The book says that after Michael died in June of 2009, LA TOYA JACKSON and her boyfriend showed up at the house, demanding to be let in.  Michael's mother KATHERINE arrived soon after. 

Once they got in, they called a woman who had been the longtime nanny of Michael's kids before being fired.  Apparently, Michael was in the habit of stashing money in plastic bags and under carpets, and she knew where it was.  They asked the ex-nanny where to find it, and a security staff member says he watched La Toya and her boyfriend load the bags of money into duffel bags and place them in the garage. 

JANET JACKSON showed up with a moving van the next day, we assume to remove the bags.  The book also claims that Janet delayed Michael's funeral because of a deposit on his burial site.  Supposedly, Janet paid a $40,000 deposit to Forest Lawn to secure his final resting place, and she refused to let the funeral take place until she got her money back.  Michael was laid to rest three months after his death. 

The book also discusses the craziness that happened earlier this year when some of Michael's siblings took their mother to a spa in Arizona and wouldn't let her contact Michael's kids.  Not surprisingly, the book claims that was an attempt to gain a conservatorship over her, which would have given them control of her portion of Michael's estate.

"Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson" by Randall Sullivan comes out November 13th.  Sullivan also once wrote a book about the murders of Biggie and Tupac.  That one was called "L.A.byrinth".