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The NFL Stands By the Terrible Call That Ended Monday Night's Game


The NFL is standing by the terrible call made by the replacement referees Monday night, which gave the Seattle Seahawks an undeserved win over the Green Bay Packers.

The league issued a statement yesterday refusing to overturn the on-field ruling.  (You can read the official statement at NFL.com.)





Some of the NFL's Replacement Refs Couldn't Cut It in the Lingerie Football League

There are so many jokes about replacement refs bouncing around, but none of them are as funny as what you're about to hear.  And it's not even a joke.  Some of the refs who are currently calling NFL games were previously fired from the Lingerie Football League for incompetence. 

The LFL released a statement yesterday saying, "Because of the LFL's perception it is that much more critical for us to hire officiating crews that are competent, not only for the credibility of our game, but to keep our athletes safer.  Due to several on-field occurrences of incompetent officiating, we chose to part ways with a crew which apparently is now officiating in the NFL.  We have a lot of respect for our officials, but we felt the officiating was not in line with our expectations."

The league added, "We have not made public comment to date because we felt it was not our place to do so.   However, in light of the finale of 'Monday Night Football', we felt it was only fair that NFL fans knew the truth about who is officiating these games."






The Celebrities, And the President, Tweet About Replacement Refs 

The celebrities just KNOW you want to hear their opinions about the NFL replacement refs.  Thank God for Twitter, huh?  Here's what they're saying . . .

President Obama:  "NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs' lockout is settled soon."

Chris Rock:  "If you're holding your baby & I walk up and hug it, according to the NFL replacement refs, you have to give me your baby."

LeBron James:  "These replacement refs gotta go man!!  Packers just got game took from them . . . I simply just LOVE the NFL too much to see these mistakes.  I'm sick like I just played for the Packers."

Bill Maher:  "So the NFL with replacement refs is now like a card game with Jokers included as wild cards - every 10 plays or so it just makes no sense."

James Van Der Beek:  "OK, @NFLCommish Roger Goodell tried to play hardball w/ the refs.  He's clearly lost.  Or has he?  Replacement refs are signaling touchdown."

Patton Oswalt:  "'Replacement Refs!'  It writes itself!" -- every [crappy] screenwriter in every L.A. Starbucks right now."



Green Bay Packer T.J. Lang Could End Up With the Most Re-Tweeted Post of All Time 

After the replacement ref debacle Monday night that snatched a win from the Green Bay Packers and handed it to the Seattle Seahawks, Packers guard T.J. LANG went on Twitter, and he didn't hold back.  And one of his comments could end up being the most re-Tweeted post of ALL TIME.  And it was a particularly brilliant Tweet.  He said, "[Eff] it NFL . . . Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs."

As of this morning, it had been re-Tweeted more than 95,000 times.  That puts it at SECOND on the all-time re-Tweet list.  JUSTIN BIEBER has the most re-Tweeted post.  Last November, he Tweeted "I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT" . . . and for some reason, more than 120,000 people re-Tweeted it.

Lang's Tweet bumps Boxer FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. to third on the list.  Back in January, he called out MANNY PACQUIAO.  He Tweeted, "Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see."  More than 89,500 people have re-Tweeted it since.

T.J. Lang had a couple other good Tweets.  He said, "Got [effed] by the refs.  Embarrassing.  Thanks nfl."  That one had been re-Tweeted about 68,000 times by last night.

Then there was this one, "Any player/coach in Seattle that really thinks they won that game has zero integrity as a man and should be embarrassed."  That one was re-Tweeted a little over 24,000 times.