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Lindsay Lohan Caused Trouble at a Birthday Party for Clint Eastwood's Daughter


It really, really IS time for LINDSAY LOHAN to go away.  Because she was causing trouble AGAIN last week.  FRANCESCA EASTWOOD, yes, she's one of CLINT'S daughters, was celebrating her 19th birthday with friends in a private room at a club called Bootsy Bellows when Lindsay showed up and WENT OFF.  A source says she, "came over and started screaming that Francesca should leave.  She was yelling 'I'm a star, she's a nobody, get her out of here!'"

When someone tried to get Lindsay to calm down, she became aggressive, and security had to ask her to leave.  Lindsay's car almost hit a valet guy on its way out of the parking lot, but at least it was a friend, and not Lindsay, who was driving.

This all happened last Tuesday.  But on Friday, Francesca's boyfriend told E! News, "We were celebrating, and it was a blast.  Suddenly, there was a burst of chaos, and as quickly as it started it was over.  After the fact, we were all a bit confused about what just happened."   (Francesca's boyfriend is photographer Tyler Shields, whom Lindsay is VERY familiar with.  She's worked with him numerous times.  Check out some of the results here and here.)

And Francesca added, "I'm not sure what exactly sparked Lindsay's outburst.  Regardless, I still had an amazing birthday and 'Parent Trap' is still my favorite movie."