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Natalie Portman Got Married This Weekend


married her baby-daddy BENJAMIN MILLEPIED in a Jewish ceremony over the weekend.  Natalie met Benjamin on the set of "Black Swan".  He was a choreographer and had a small on-screen role.  Their son Aleph is 13 months old.

When Natalie won the Golden Globe for "Black Swan" in 2011, she told a story about working with Benjamin, and how his character had to pretend he did NOT want to hook up with her.)

Here's video.  Forward to the 1:29 mark.



"Us Weekly" claims MACAULAY CULKIN was among the 100 guests.  If the "National Enquirer"is to be believed, Macaulay is on death's door thanks to an addiction to heroin and powerful painkillers.  There's no word what his condition was at the wedding.

(Macaulay had a long-term relationship with Natalie's "Black Swan" co-star MILA KUNIS.  There's no word if she was there, too.)