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Lindsay Lohan Has Until Tomorrow to Check Into Rehab, So She Hit the Bars on Monday


What do you do when you only have a few days left until you're required to check into rehab?  You hit the bars, obviously.  Especially if you're LINDSAY LOHAN.  Lindsay is supposed to check into rehab TOMORROW for a court-ordered, 90-day stay.  And on Monday, she was at a New York City club called the Bitter End.  That's one of the places LADY GAGA used to play before she was famous.  But sources say Lindsay was only there to see some friends perform, and she drank SODA all night.

Meanwhile, E! Online says Lindsay has NOT chosen a rehab facility yet, and if she doesn't check into one tomorrow, she'll be in violation of her probation and could end up in jail.  There's also been some talk that after Lindsay gets out of rehab, she's going to start blogging about her time on the inside.

A source tells E! Online that's not true, but Lindsay does plan to, "have her own space on the web where she can talk about her passions.  She wants a place to discuss her love of fashion, music, art and her unique sense of style. She wants to be able to connect to her fans directly."

(And, as if this week wasn't going to be rough enough on Lindsay, her Porsche got towed Monday after she parked it illegally.  You can see some pictures of her picking it up at the impound lot here.)