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Celebrities participate in "Hollywood Game Night"


A while back, we heard NBC had a game show in the pipeline called "Hollywood Game Night", where everyday people would play games with celebrities.  It sounded a little like an elaborate version of "Win, Lose or Draw".

Well, now they've announced some of the stars who are participating in this thing.  The list includes:  Amy PoehlerMatthew PerryJason BatemanMaya RudolphFred ArmisenMinnie DriverKal Penn, Martin Short, Kristin ChenowethCheryl Hines and Molly Shannon - plus one couple, Kristen Bell and her fiancé Dax Shepard.

More celebrities are expected to join later on. There's no premiere date yet.

Jane Lynch is hosting the show, and Sean Hayes from "Will & Grace" is producing it.  He'll probably appear on the show as well, since it was modeled after the celebrity game nights he hosts in REAL life.

In a previous interview, Sean said the show would feature off-beat games like, quote, "Putting Michael Jackson's faces in chronological order."

To me, this show sounds like it could be great, especially since they're getting funny, down-to-Earth celebrities to do it, not awkward "Dancing with the Stars"-like D-listers.

Also, the show supposedly has a "cocktail party atmosphere," which could mean there's BOOZE involved.  And that would make it even MORE hilarious.

 Of course, it could also be TERRIBLE. What do you think?  Does this sound like a show you'd watch?