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Is "The View" Pushing Elisabeth Hasselbeck Out, Because She's "Too Extreme and Right-Wing"?


Last week, JOY BEHAR announced she was leaving "The View", and now "Us" magazine reports that ELISABETH HASSELBECK won't be back either.  But it doesn't sound like she had much of a choice.

Supposedly, Elisabeth is being PUSHED OUT, because she isn't popular with the audience.  A so-called "source" says, "The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing.  People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth.  So, they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."

There's been no direct response from ABC or Elisabeth, but a rep for the show says, "[She's] a valued member of 'The View', and has a long term contract."  Elisabeth's contract situation is a little unclear.  This rep says she has a long-term contract, but other sources say her deal is up after this season.  Regardless, the show could probably dump her even if she's under contract.

By the way, "Star" magazine says Elisabeth is being let go because they want to bring in some fresh voices.  They say it's a,  "desperate attempt to renew interest in the show."

Meanwhile, Showbiz411.com has the line on a potential replacement:  BROOKE SHIELDS.  The site says BARBARA WALTERS "really wants her," and adds, "the deal isn't done yet, but it's THIS CLOSE."

Brooke has appeared on "The View" a half-dozen times, and has co-hosted in the past.  (You can see the video of her co-hosting stint from 2010 here.)