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Did Ricky Schroder Assault a Female Airport Worker?


RICKY SCHRODER is accused of assaulting a female employee at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday morning.  The woman says that Ricky got mad at her because she told him he could only bring two bags on the plane, and he had three. So he angrily checked one of the bags and came back.  But when she reached for his boarding pass, he slapped her hand away. (Here's video of the woman telling her side of the story.)

Ricky's rep says that's NOT how it happened. He says the woman was rude and confrontational, and SHE'S the one who hit HIS arm.  When she did that, his phone went flying. So Ricky lunged for his phone, and the woman screamed "Assault!  Whatever the case, police decided not arrest anyone or file a report.

Yesterday, TMZ caught up with Ricky at a TRAIN station in Washington, D.C. He called the whole thing a misunderstanding, and said to the woman, "I apologize to you, Miss, if I hurt your feelings and I didn't mean to.  Sweetheart, god bless you, and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." (Here's that video.)