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Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Argued About His Bedtime on Twitter


You have to give DENISE RICHARDS credit: She's not married to CHARLIE SHEEN anymore. She could just wash her hands of him.   But they have two daughters together, and so for THEIR sake, she continues to try to keep him under control. As much as she possibly can, anyway.  On Oscar night, Denise was cleaning out her garage to make it a playroom. Meanwhile, Charlie was at his place having a little Oscar PARTY.

They started exchanging Tweets, and Denise told Charlie, "Come help me clean the damn garage for their playroom."  Charlie Tweeted a picture of himself hanging out with a friend, along with the caption, "I'm BUSY LADY! LOOK!"  Denise replied, "Yes I see." Then she got all MOTHERLY on him, saying, "Time to pack it in and GO TO BED you have a 5:30am call . . . 3 1/2 hrs so get your ass up to your room."

Charlie replied, "I SAID LOOK!", along with a picture of himself holding a wine bottle and digging in his fridge.  Denise replied, "Charles . . . not to be a buzzkill . . . But this is the point where the night can go sideways."

At that point, a follower of one of them chimed in with this, "How cute, most people would have this convo via text in private but celebs decide to have it on Twitter."  To which Denise replied, "Well if these are our public messages imagine our private ones . . . "

Here are some of the photos Charlie posted on Oscar night. (Daily Mail)