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Would Kris Humphries Actually Miss Playoff Games to go to Court with Kim Kardashian?


We all know that KRIS HUMPHRIES wants to win his legal battle with KIM KARDASHIAN badly. But does he want it badly enough to screw over his teammates on the Brooklyn Nets? Sources say YES.  Their trial is set for May 6th, and will probably last a few days. The NBA playoffs run from April 20th through June 20th, and the Nets look like a pretty safe bet to be in them.  And according to TMZ, there are "sources close to Kris" who say that he's willing to MISS playoff games just to be at this trial if there's a conflict.

Here's an interesting side-note: One of Kris' lawyers filed a motion last week asking to be removed from the case. And sources say the reason he wants out is because he feels Kris has no grounds for an annulment.  In other words, he's positive Kris is going to LOSE this case. But Kris won't budge on the annulment.