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Did Mark Wahlberg Admit He Shouldn't Be a Successful Movie Star Because of His Past?


On Britain's "Graham Norton Show", MARK WAHLBERG made an interesting confession.  He basically admitted that because of things he's done in his past, it's not really right that he got to become a rich, successful movie star.  Mark was talking about his upcoming movie "Broken City", which is about how, "more often than not, the system fails us."

He said, "The fact that I got away with a lot of things in real life that I shouldn't have and I get to be a movie star, is a problem."  But then he added, "Now, I turned my life around and I have done the right thing, but many people have been wrongfully convicted and the system is flawed, and our elected officials more than not are corrupted by power and enticed by money." 

Here's video.  Skip forward to the 6:03 mark.  It's kind of funny how fellow guest MICHAEL FASSBENDER tries to ask what Mark got away with, and he dodged the question.



So what did Marky Mark get away with?  Well, as a teen growing up in Boston, he had a few DOZEN run-ins with the cops.  H was doing cocaine and other drugs by the age of 13.  When he was 15, he threw rocks at some black kids on a field trip while shouting racial slurs.

When he was 16, in 1988, he attacked a Vietnamese man by smashing him over the head with a stick.  Then in a separate incident while running from police, he punched another Vietnamese guy in the face, leaving him permanently blind in one eye.

In 1992, he and a friend were arrested for beating the crap out of a neighbor and fracturing his jaw.