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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Taking Justin Bieber's Sloppy Seconds?


doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would run around picking up other guys' sloppy seconds.  Especially when those other guys are HALF HIS AGE.  But Leo has been spotted around Miami with Victoria's Secret model BARBARA PALVIN

If you recognize that name, it's because there were rumors last year about her and JUSTIN BIEBER.  Justin was supposedly macking on Barbara after he met her at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in November.   It was never proven that anything happened between them, but her name was tossed around as a reason Justin and SELENA GOMEZ broke up.  Leo is 38 years old, and Barbara is 19, literally HALF HIS AGE.  Justin is 18.  (Here are some pictures of Leo and Barbara together.)  


And here's Justin Bieber with Barbara.


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