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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Wants Maria Shriver Back


It's been over a year since MARIA SHRIVER filed for divorce from ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, and apparently, he still wants her back.  He reportedly told a German newspaper, "We're not fighting any war.  I still hope for reconciliation.  I still love Maria."

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with a British tabloid, Arnold talks about one of the strangest places he's ever heard someone do one of his catchphrases.  He says, "I was sitting one day on the toilet and next door I heard a loud fart, then I heard the toilet flushing, then someone spitting and then all of a sudden, 'I'll be back!'  The door opened up and I thought, 'That figures.  In the toilet!'  I get quoted in really weird places."

He adds, "I've been to the toilet with presidents and political leaders, with famous actors and athletes, all kinds of people."