Hollywood Trash

Schwarzenegger's New Action Movie, Mark Wahlberg's Detective Thriller, and the Horror Flick "Mama" are in Theaters This Week


#1.)  "The Last Stand"  (R)  Theatrical Trailer and the Restricted Trailer

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a small town sheriff who sets up a roadblock to prevent a drug lord from escaping across the Mexican border.

Forest Whitaker is the federal agent in charge of the manhunt, and Johnny Knoxville plays a redneck Arnold deputizes because of all the firepower he can bring to the table.

Luis Guzman, Brazilian stud Rodrigo Santoro, and Jaimie Alexander, the woman who plays one of the sidekicks in "Thor", are part of Arnold's team of deputies too.

This is Arnold's first starring role since leaving the governor's mansion, although he did have a significant part in "Expendables 2".

(If you're in a time-wasting mood, here's a game from the movie that you might enjoy.  The tagline says it all:  "Shoot drug lords.  Save hot chicks.")






#2.)  "Broken City"  (R)  Trailer

Mark Wahlberg plays a private detective who's double-crossed and framed for murder, after the mayor hires him to investigate his cheating wife.  Russell Crowe plays the corrupt mayor, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays his wife, and Jeffrey Wright isWahlberg's former boss on the police force.








#3.)  "Mama"  (PG-13)  Trailer

A horror movie about two orphaned girls rescued from a cabin in the woods, after surviving there for five years on their own.  But when they're brought back to the city and reunited with their uncle, the ghost they call 'mama' becomes dangerously jealous and possessive.

Their uncle is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jaime Lannister from "Game of Thrones", and Jessica Chastain from "Zero Dark Thirty" plays his girlfriend.  You may not recognize her at first, because of her character's black hair and tattoos.

Guillermo del Toro is the producer.  He says,  "A ghost is like the essence of a person.  If you leave a full personality to desiccate in the sun, then what is left is the corpse of one emotion."