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Listen to Lindsay Lohan Berate Her Co-Star on the Set of "The Canyons"


"New York Times Magazine"
recently ran an article about what a nightmare LINDSAY LOHAN was on the set of "The Canyons".  And now, there's audio to prove it.  TMZ has posted a clip of Lindsay, director PAUL SCHRADER and co-star JAMES DEEN trying to rehearse a scene, in which Lindsay is being rather difficult.  At one point she tells Deen, "Do your [effing] job." 

Then Schrader says,  "All right, I've had enough already", and Lindsay replies, "So have I, thank you." 

Earlier in the clip, Lindsay berates Deen by saying, "I know it's for fun for you, but let's do it", insinuating that he's not taking the job seriously.  (You can listen to it here.)

Now, sources say that Lindsay admits the "New York Times" article is mostly true, but maintains she has a great relationship with everyone she worked with on the movie.   And Deen kind of backs that up by saying he's totally cool with her, even after the outburst heard in the TMZ audio.  Apparently, she was in a bad mood because of a misunderstanding they'd had that day.

He says,  "Hours before the rant she asked why I was doing this movie and I said 'For fun.'  I meant for personal experience and enjoyment of working on a Bret Easton Ellis movie.  I don't think she understood my intention behind saying 'for fun' and thought it meant that I wasn't going to try."

Lindsay was paid a mere $100 a day for the movie, although she gets a cut of the profits, if there are any.  (Here's a new clip from the movie, in which James roughs her up.)