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Blake Shelton Came This Close to Quitting "The Voice" Last Year


By all accounts, last year was a career year for BLAKE SHELTON.  He filmed two seasons of "The Voice", did Christmas special, dropped a holiday CD, and kept the romance with MIRANDA LAMBERT going. 

And yet, it almost drove him over the edge.  He recently talked about a moment last year where he wanted to chuck it all in.  He said, "Oh my God.  It sucked.  I don't care who wants me to say that or not.   I mean, I was doing season three of 'The Voice', Season 4 of 'The Voice', CMAs, and my Christmas special all within like three weeks of each other.   And there was one point where I called my manager, and was like, that's it.  I quit. I just quit.  Figure it out.  I'm going home."

Obviously, someone talked Blake off the cliff and made him realize he could do it.  "It's like you get to that point where you're like, well, okay.  We're all learning, figuring out how to balance being a maturing country artist."