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Jackson Estate Coughed Up $55,000 To Pay Off 'Thriller' Girl


$55,000 ... that's how much it took for the girl from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video to call a truce in her war with the Michael Jackson estate, TMZ has learned.   Ola Ray settled her lawsuit with the estate earlier this year, and now we know what for, $55,000 to Ola, and $20,000 to her lawyer.

Ola originally filed the suit against Michael Jackson and his production company in May 2009, a month before Jackson passed away, claiming breach of contract. Ola said she was still owed a massive chunk of the "Thriller" profits, nearly 30 years after it was released.

The director of the music video John Landis, who filed a similar lawsuit against the estate, has also settled, but he wanted in excess of $2 million, so we're guessing he got a little more than Ola.