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Broke Lindsay Lohan to Appear on Million Dollar Decorators


Lindsay Lohan is broke or close to it, with bills piling up left and right, but why would she let that stop her from appearing on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators?  On a January 1 episode, the Liz & Dick star invites one of the show's decorators, Kathryn Ireland, to her new Hollywood Hills home for a consultation.



Want to get a look inside Lindsay Lohan's home, without risking your sanity, valuables and/or life by actually partying with her? You're in luck, people!   In a sneak peek, Lohan takes Ireland up to her bedroom. "Clearly, I need more space," she says, motioning to the designer handbags that line the room.  "I got bored so I started decorating with Chanel."

Wonder if the IRS can freeze those assets like they did her accounts.

"I want this to look like a very pretty, feminine room," she says. "Very princess-y, like Plaza Athenee," Lohan adds, referring to the luxury, five-star hotel.

Ireland's budget from Lohan, she reveals, is a whopping $250,000.  This is a clueless girl who can't even pay the bill on her storage locker, mind you. If she keeps going at this rate, she'll be out on the street by June.

One piece of furniture that must go is Lohan's bed, and not just because of all the filthy things that have no doubt taken place there over the years.  "This mirrored bed is so wrong for Lindsay's house," Ireland says. "It has got nothing to do with this charming, quaint, almost English, French cottage."

They also both agree, fortunately, on hardwood floors for the room.  "I hate carpet in bedrooms," Lohan says later in the episode.  Don't worry, cell floors usually are straight up concrete.