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Lady Gaga Bought 55 Pieces of Michael Jackson Memorabilia


A bunch of MICHAEL JACKSON memorabilia was auctioned off over the weekend, and LADY GAGA purchased a lot of it.  55 items, to be exact.  Lady Gaga says she bought it up so that she could PRESERVE it.  She Tweeted, "The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, and fans worldwide."

It's unclear what she bought, or how much she spent, but the auction house says "many" of the items went for six-figures, including a jacket from Michael's "Bad" tour ($240,000), two of his "bedazzled white gloves" ($192,000 and $115,200), A jacket Michael wore for a visit to the White House in the 1990s ($144,000), and another jacket signed and worn by Michael ($156,000).

The auction raised more than $5 million, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit two charities:  The Nathan Adelson Hospice of Las Vegas, and Guide Dogs of America.

(Meanwhile, some MADONNA memorabilia, specifically, two of her cone-shaped bras, were sold at a separate recent auction.  They sold for more than $77,000 in total.  As far as we know, Lady Gaga didn't spring for those.)