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Lisa Robin Kelly from "That '70s Show" Has Been Arrested Again


LISA ROBIN KELLY, who played TOPHER GRACE'S pretty sister on "That '70s Show", was arrested Monday night after she and her husband got into a fight at their North Carolina home.  Lisa's husband was arrested, too.  This marks Lisa's THIRD arrest since 2010, and her second arrest for domestic violence this year.

Police say no drugs or alcohol were involved this time, but in the past, Lisa has copped to a drinking problem, which pretty much led to the end of her gig on "That '70s Show".  

She was arrested for DUI in 2010.  And this past March, she was arrested for beating up a boyfriend, although the charges were eventually dropped.  We don't know if that was the same guy she got in the fight with last night.

Check out her FRIGHTENING mugshots from all three incidents, and one of her in her prime, here.