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Vinny from "Jersey Shore" Is Getting His Own Talk Show on MTV


"Jersey Shore"
is coming to an end, but MTV isn't done with VINNY Guadagnino.  They just announced they're giving him his own talk show.  It's called "The Show with Vinny", and technically, it's also a reality show.  Here's how it will work:  Instead of interviewing various celebrities in a studio, Vinny will invite them to his family's home in Staten Island, where they will talk and have dinner together.

Naturally, Vinny's friends and family will also appear on the show, including his mother Paula and his crazy Uncle Nino.

There's no word when it might premiere. 

On a related note, there's an amusing video on Kontraband.com, where a fake MTV exec "explains" why they don't air music videos anymore, which you can see here.


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