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Lindsay Lohan's New P.R. Team Canceled Her Barbara Walters Interview


will no longer sit down for a "20/20" interview with BARBARA WALTERS.   Her new P.R. people pulled the plug, because they didn't want Barbara asking personal questions about things like drug use, her dad's recent attempt at an "intervention", and the fact that she might be charged with lying to police.  The interview was set up mainly so Lindsay could talk about her upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick", but there's no doubt Barbara would have delved a little deeper than that.

Sources say Lindsay feels bad because she considers Barbara a friend.  ABC issued a statement saying, "We are disappointed that Lindsay cancelled the interview and wish her well."

The interview was supposed to take place this week, and air on Friday night.  Instead of Barbara, Lindsay will apparently sit down with the ultimate softball-thrower, JAY LENO.  Sources say she's doing the "Tonight Show" a week from tomorrow.

As you probably recall, Lindsay has a new P.R. team because her old rep QUIT late last month.  Her new rep also works for Kal Penn, Kevin Sorbo and Zachary Levi, and used to rep Andy Dick.