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President Obama Won Re-Election


PRESIDENT OBAMA won re-election last night.  The totals won't be official for a few days, but he ended up defeating MITT ROMNEY in the Electoral College by about 303 electoral votes to 206 votes, and the popular vote by about 59.9 million to 57.2 million.

That's a difference of about two and a half million votes.  And statistically, that's 50% to 48%.  So, yep, we're still a pretty divided country.

At around 11:14 P.M. Eastern, PRESIDENT OBAMA tweeted, "This happened because of you.  Thank you."  And within a few minutes, most of the media confirmed he was right.

Less than 15 minutes after the west coast polls closed, both FOX News and CNN called that Obama had won the swing state of Ohio, and with that, he'd won the election.

Up until then, the election had gone exactly as expected.  States that were expected to go for Romney went for Romney, and states that were expected to go for Obama went for Obama.  But the momentum pointed to Obama all night.

When Obama won the first swing state of the night - New Hampshire - things started looking like they would line up with state polls.  Then, as it approached 11:00 P.M., networks started calling other swing states like Wisconsin and Iowa.

But it still all came down to Ohio.  And when Obama took the electoral votes from Ohio, the path to 270 electoral votes became insurmountable for Romney.

But Romney wasn't quite ready to concede, and neither was Karl Rove.  He sort of WENT ROGUE on FOX News, and said Ohio was still up in the air.  Eventually he backed down, but Romney didn't finally concede until around 1:00 A.M Eastern.